Monday, February 5, 2007

Ultimate Video Environment

So, one of our favorite corporate clients, Symantec, came to us and asked us to build something that would blow their clients away as they came into their conference. We thought about it and came up with the concept of a video tunnel. The problem was, well, there were many:

1. How do we build a perfect surface to project on? Answer, you dont. solution: fabricate a tunnel screen that is as taught is it can be, and then calibrate the projectors to match the surface.

2. How do you design video to span a 4,000 pixel screen that has both sag and tension in different areas? Answer: pre-design the space in 3D then remap the video to the new mesh. Complex? you bet.

3. How do you fly 4 16,000 lumen projectors at different heights, at different angles and with different areas of coverage for the screen and expect a seamless image? Answer: you dont. That is where the Obscura magic comes in.

Check it out: