Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not quite outta the lab, but outta the country....

This is one of our coolest projects that we had to work on last year. The big challenge was how to light-up a skyscraper in downtown Seoul with 4 HD 30K Roadies and not project in the windows of the office workers. Couple that with the fact that we needed to shoot the projection from a little deck about 100 feet away, and at an an angle of 70 degrees. Hard. We built some really cool climate controlled enclosures, got with AVS and put some first surface mirrors with heaters on them and air-knives to shed the water/snow and produced a 12,000 sq. ft. video wall. 14 stories tall, 120 feet wide, 120,000 lumens of video. nice.

Christie Digital light canons

Patrick Connolly
All in all, this turned into the highest resolution and possibly largest permanent video on the planet.

Untitled from patrick connolly on Vimeo.