Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Interactive Video Wall

When our friends at Goodby Silverstein and Partners came to us to collaborate on the NextFest 2006, we knew what we were going to put together would have to be really bad ass.

Along with a bunch of other cool elements, we wanted to focus this blog posting on the interactive wall that we put together. Now, interactive video walls have been around for a while, in one form or another, but the we and kids at GSP decided that we needed to raise the bar.

What we put together was a fully interactive, and reactive 45 foot video wall that allowed users to input their thoughts and then interact with them as they appeared.

The trick here was to seperate from the herd. There are a ton of players in the "interactive" video space.....Reactrix, Gesturetek, T-Immersion, etc. What we were doing, however was category defining. We were taking 4 channels of HD video in real time, blending it together, allowing users to input their data, and then making it interactive over a 45' surface.

Try that one at home.

Anyway, until we post the video, you have to look at our web site for the outcome.

Obscura Digital to see how it worked.