Saturday, February 10, 2007

Virtual Dog on a real couch

So, we are really into ways to integrate the virtual world with real physical space. Im not talking about things like Second Life, but things like our Virtual Dog. Basically, this is just an example of a single channel starter kit for what we refer to as "Augmented Reality" (AR).

When we use AR, it is acutally the opposite of the type of thing that a lot of people are used to. People like T-Immersion map 3D graphics into a video feed in real time using tracking software to maniuplate the video feed.

We like to use AR that is visible to the naked eye, and actually fools people to make them ask "did you just see something over there?"

The next step for this type of application is to map an entire space in projection and then build interactive projected elements into the space. Applicaitons for this type of technology are unlimited and luckily, we are kind of leading the charge for bringing this type of thing out of the lab, and into practical applications.

check it out

Oh, and that is Fortune, our Jack Russell.