Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hard Rockin multi-touch wall - Las Vegas

They say the economy is down in Vegas, but the Hard Rock Cafe opened this weekend with a nod to the future of technology in retail environments. Along with some interactive in-booth experiences, some Surface tables (see below), the centerpiece of the technology is our latest 18' x 4' multi-user, multi-touch wall.

The display is possibly the world’s highest resolution interactive display available to the public. We have been working on this for a while, and while others have tried similar sizes/resolutions, this is the real deal.

The basics are 3 HD projectors behind an 18 foot multi-touch wall. The difference here is that the whole thing is one 6000 (almost, it is actually 3x1920 projectors, so it is a bit less)pixel plate, with over 100 4K-6K images/videos being displayed at one time. No "deep zoom" needed, everything is real-time. Also unique is the way we scale across GPUs seamlessly.



HRH Memo

The display intelligently allocates room for up to 6 users, but if only one or two are using it, they each get half. if a third steps in, the workspace is dynamically allocated.

Users can search by genre of music, type of item, year, type of music and location of the actual piece of memorabilia.

We worked with TechnoMedia Solutions to provide an audio system that allows for true isolated sound for each user. We also collaborated with the Hard Rocks Ad Agency Duncan Channon to maintain brand and style guides. They also buit the in-booth and Surface experiences for the space. See them here Great team.