Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2πr² never looked so good

I had to think back to high school geometry to figure out how large this projection screen was. 2*3.14159* Radius squared. I think i got a B, so I may be wrong, but i came up with 13,288 square feet of thats a pretty big screen. It appears even bigger when it is wrapped around you. That is how big this screen was that we used for Nakheel, arguably the World's most creative real estate developer.

The idea was to provide an environment where the company could immerse their audience in their brand and the new Blue Communities initiative. It would also serve as an environment to announce their latest development, The Universe.

This video dome was 3' larger than Google, so it was, and is, the world's largest video dome. We used 14 Christie HD video projectors and our FireFrame servers to put this piece of technology together. It was up for over a month in Dubai, and served as a theater for all of Nakheel's visitors.

We incorporated a new audio system too, this time using 8 channels of discrete audio running through a new set of Meyers….Surround never sounded so good.