Sunday, November 18, 2007!?

OK, you may not think "green" when you think of the guys that make the Hummer, but that is a perception that they would like changed. The fact is, GM has one of the largest corporate responsibility "green" programs in the world. Not only are they developing vehicles that run more efficiently, use less fuel and produce fewer emissions, but they are focused on clean and renewable energy in all of their plants and corporate offices. I know, its hard to believe, and they were having a hard time communicating their message, so they turned to Obscura.

We developed a 3 siloed multi-touch display wall that allowed users to pick a feature that is interesting to them and drill down into the depths of content that GM has regarding that subject. The wall was divided up into "Plants and Facilities", "Vehicles" and "Environmental" sections.

The wall debuted at the GreenBuild show in Chicago in November, 2007, and is now on tour with GM on their nationwide awareness campaign to highlight the GM corporate responsibility message.